Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Graffiti Life

All we want for Christmas... fast cars and women dressed as Santa... Shiz and Benj making big Xmas cards on the back wall... nice one boys!

Graffiti Life... Simple. Tings.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Protean Productions

Sorry I've got to draw attention to the digital design skills of the terrifying two-man team Protean Productions ( who on many occasions I've had the privilege of working with these guys (Ronin & Rob P); easy to work with but they don't ramp when it comes to creating dark, chemical, sick artwork... many a DnB sleeve got the PTP custom wrap!

Ain't seen them for a while but I look forward to the next collaboration... whenever, wherever... BRING IT!

Also check:

Genaside II

This 12" artwork opened quite a few doors for me...
old schoolmates Kris Bones and others I known since early 80's got together to make some dirty beats, I had the job of branding the project 'cause we weren't into posing & smiling for photos (we were young & screwface, so?)

The whole of the 90's I was hoofing my portfolio around the West End with this pic on the front page... not sure how many potential clients I offended or alienated, but hey - it meant a lot to a lot of people... I thank you.


That was a memorable one for many reasons... most importantly for these: you heard the term "Births, Deaths and Marriages"; my son Bailey was born, my best mate Leon died and me & my lovely wife got married.

Well as I was high on the fumes of natural adrenaline, fear, and not eating any of the amazing food that we had made for us on the day, by the end of it I was ready to faint for real... so one day I promise we'll get all our mates who came down to the afterparty that night back to the same venue (Half Moon Function Room, Herne Hill) so we can have a proper knees-up (calling all my DJs: Kris, Rob, Keith, Boogie, Chin) to cap off those dainty memories of that balmy night in June.

J x

Urban Survival

This is one of my proudest achievements. My first published book (ISBN and everything). 300+ pages long, took me 5 months (while still working on other projects), and my first son Bailey was born halfway through it (those all-nighters were killers)... it's dedicated to him and my closest mate Leon 'FatBloke' Dawkins who died earlier that year (R.I.P. me old son).

Still available on Amazon 6 years later, you can still support the cause: Go get it.

Thursday, 19 March 2009


Aaliyah (R.I.P.)

This pic got heads open.

Vaughn Bodé

Trust me... if you don't know, then get to know... when I was an aimless daydreaming secondary schoolboy I came across Subway Art (THE Graf Bible) and saw these sad looking lizards cuddling busty babes, then the guy in the Hat? Who are these characters, and where did they come from? Then one day my best mate come into school with this comic... CHEECH WIZARD Volume 1. That was it, I was HOOKED! This guy created this whole cartoon universe and I was in it, "that's what I wanna do!"

Check it out.